Whats Screw Flight/ Whats Auger Flighting?

Continous screw flights are main parts of material handling system. Helicoid flights are  cold rolled from special steel into a continous helix. We specialised in the manufacture of cold rolled screw flight in any specification. Depends on customer request it has variation from 3 mm to 10 mm thickness, 15 mm to 500 mm outside diameter.
We have ready- made flights suitable for immediate use, also inotek has capacbility for manufacture of bespoke products tailored to your needs.
Helicoid flights can be used in many industry like cement, gypsum, chemical, etc Cold rolled screw flight can also be used  as spare parts of agricultural products.
Helicoid Flight cost depens of some parameteres like material, thickness. Continous screw flights can be welded on pipe or shaft as per customer demand. We have different machines with different features for helix production.

Whats Flights In Screw Conveyor?

Screw flights are viral components of screw conveyors.  Continuous Screw flights are main components for U-Type Screw Conveyors, Tube screw conveyor (tubular screw conveyor), V Type Screw conveyors.
it can be either carbon steel or stainles steel continous screw flight.   It can be colled as auger and can be named as auger as part of agricultural machines. Screw flights are also parts of harvesters and called ahrvester screw auger and used to convey grain so another way to call is grain harvester auger.  Stainles Steel screw flights are generally used in place where there is abrasion and they are colled as  screw flight for food. Cold rolled screw flight production has a wide range of diameetr and thickness.

Our Auger Flighting Are Applicable For;
  • Food Handling
  • Construction
  • Biomass
  • Mining
  • Augers
  • Sludge
  • Chemical
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