Screw Conveyor for Gypsum

İNOTEK is a leading manufacturer of different types of conveyor for bulk solid handling system. İNOTEK has had a successful relationship spanning many years and many projects. İNOTEK Systems is a provider of dry bulk material handling equipment and pneumatic conveying systems for the chemical, plastics, mineral, food and gypsum industry. İnotek is not just a manufacturer of equipment, we are your partner to help you get the most out of your process. Among the industry we serve, conveyors for gypsum board production line is specially designed and served for a rigid and long-life companent.

When designing or recommending a screw conveyor, manufacturers must consider: the application, the type of material to be moved (consistency, density, flowability, size, corrosiveness, texture, flammability, etc.), material load volume, projected frequency of use and whether there are any other necessary processes for the conveyor to perform. These details will inform them for decisions like: system material(s), system orientation, accessories and power source. (They can either be powered by an electric motor or powered by energy from adjacent machines.)

Equipment Components

Most screw conveyors contain the following components:

  • A conveyor screw, also known as a spiral blade or helicoid flighting
  • A screw conveyor trough or tubular casing
  • A drive unit (a shaft coupling and shaft seal or a chain drive)
  • The drive mechanism


  1. Product Type: Calcinated Gypsum
  2. Duty: 24 Hours per Day, 7 Days per Week


We manufacture screw conveyors to exceed requirements. Each conveyor is designed with an internal hanger bearing, drives, speed switches.

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